Our story begins in 1865 on the bricks
of Fayetteville St. in Downtown Raleigh.


In the 1865, Thomas H. Briggs opened his hardware store on Fayetteville Street with partner James Dodd. The partnership with Dodd ended in 1868 and the store became Thomas H. Briggs & Sons. Business was good and in 1874 Briggs was able to construct a new building for the family business. The new building stood at four stories and was called Raleigh’s first “skyscraper”. It would remain the tallest building in Raleigh for the next 33 years.

In our founding days, 
we kept a book of records. 
This treasure stored our historical transactions.
Each page of history tells a story.

This book of records is us today.
Visit us to see these pages of history.


The Briggs Hardware store, moved to 2533 Atlantic Avenue in 1995 from its
historic original four story ca. 1865 Briggs Hardware building in the 200 block of
Fayetteville Street downtown. The economic downturn and the rise of big box
hardware stores are factors in the declining business fortunes of the Briggs
Hardware store closed after nearly 150 years on July 10, 2015.

but the story continues…
With grit and perseverence, we carried on.



In August of 2015,
6th generation Briggs family member, Evelyn Murray opened up the
door once more and brought the store back to it’s roots in Downtown
Raleigh at 111 E. Hargett St.

We are just a few block away from our founding location.

We stay true to our heritage and look forward to our future.